Survivors Against Terror will work on two priority areas:

  • How we tackle terrorism more effectively as a country.
  • How we ensure victims and their families get the support they deserve.
As survivors and family members, our experience of support from the government and service providers has been mixed. Often this has been exemplary, but in other cases families and survivors have been left with little support. We will reach out to other survivors and bereaved families to understand what is, and isn’t working and will talk to the government and other service providers about the gaps we find. Terrorism is not new, but still causes pain and anguish. Our country has taken on and defeated bigger threats in the past, and we know if we work together and look after those bereaved or injured, we can and will defeat this.

Our view is that terrorism can be defeated. But only if everyone in the country pulls together and fights it more effectively. We will give survivors a voice and will campaign for:

  • Strong support for the police and security services
  • Better integrated and more inclusive communities
  • Tackling hate speech that drives terror, from extremist preachers to neo-Nazis
  • Strong action by social media companies to stamp out hate speech on their platforms
  • Respectful treatment of families and survivors by the mainstream media
  • A unified public response