Senior role to manage administration and coordinate campaign activities based on the lived experience of survivors of terrorism.

Job description

Survivors Against Terror is a not-for-profit network of survivors of terror attacks in Britain or on British people overseas. The network includes survivors of attacks, those who were bereaved and those injured or maimed. Our work is led by survivors and our funding comes from donations from the public, trusts and foundations. Our aim is to make terror attacks less likely and to reduce the harm they cause when they do happen. We do that through campaigning, advocacy, policy work and public engagement. Our major campaigns at present include: tackling media intrusion and changing media reporting, agreeing a new charter of rights for survivors of attacks and improving the protection of the public.

The new Campaigns and Network Manager will play a critical part in growing the charity and supporting members in several key areas. It is a diverse role which will rely on you being innovative, quick to learn and independent. You will work with survivors of attacks, the board, the executive team and consultants but you will be the only paid employee. You will:

  • Facilitate our core campaigns to have impact.
  • Support survivors of terror attacks to lead different strands of our work.
  • Grow and deepen our network of survivors and our wider connections with experts, decisions makers and other stakeholders.
  • Develop the organisation and lead our fundraising and reporting
  • Coordinate our internal and external communications
  • Ensure we fulfil our fiduciary and legal responsibilities
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