Survivors Against Terror

Launched in 2018, we are a network of survivors of terror attacks in Britain and of British people who have been affected overseas. The network includes survivors of attacks, those who were bereaved and those who were injured.
“They want us to spread their hatred, to live in fear, to blame whole groups for their attacks, to amplify division and to undermine our democracy. But that’s where our choices lie. We don’t have to respond in this way. Their worst nightmare is that instead of dividing us these attacks pull us closer together” Brendan Cox

We are a network of survivors of terror attacks

We help families and survivors of terrorism get the rights and the support they deserve

Together we reduce the impact of terror

Isolate extremists from the Muslim majority who deplore violence

A quote from the letter

Fifty-eight UK survivors of terrorism have signed a letter condemning Islamist extremism and calling for extremists to be isolated from the vast majority of British Muslims who deplore terrorist violence.

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Survivors report: ‘Broken’ terror compensation scheme

Survivors of terror attacks have given a damning verdict on the UK’s terror compensation system in a new report by Survivors Against Terror (SAT) – leading to calls for the system to be replaced.

More than 130 survivors from 11 different terror attacks responded to a SAT survey (conducted by research company Kantar) on the Government’s Criminal Injuries and Compensation Authority (CICA).

A staggeringly low 7% of survivors felt that CICA was sympathetic to their needs, whereas 72% said that they were not.

68% felt that the process was unfair and unreasonable, only 9% felt the opposite. More than half said they were unable to speak to someone from CICA for help

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Pushing for better support for survivors

Campaigning for policy changes to make future attacks less likely

Helping the public play an active role in tackling extremism