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“ We were pretty much left to fall through gaps in the system of the National Health Service. We were suffering so badly with survivors’ guilt, severe flashbacks, bereavement and lack of sleep. Most days, the anxiety was so overwhelming that we were unable to leave our home. I am ashamed to say that at my lowest point, I felt so unable to cope that it seemed almost easier to take my own life ” – Ruth, injured in the Manchester Arena Attack

If you are a Survivor, we would love to hear from you, to link you into our network of support, enabling and encouraging you to use your voice if that is something you want to do. Survivors are those who have been directly involved in an attack, injured or as a witness, there in the place where it happened. For us, Survivors are also those who have been bereaved, family members who will benefit from support and benefit from being linked to others who have been through an attack.

Please fill in your details here if you are a Survivor of an attack, as described above.

If you are not someone who considers yourself a Survivor of an attack, but you want to support what we do, please go here so we can keep you updated on our work and look at how to get you involved. Maybe you are a journalist, a campaigner, a storyteller, a filmmaker, a policy expert, a charity worker, an entrepreneur or a donor, we would love to hear from you.

If you want to support our work, please fill in your details so we can add you to our mailing list and keep you involved and updated.

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