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Publicity poster for Together Europe climb of Le Grand Colombier

Joining survivors in Europe

Together Stronger is is a unique sporting event bringing together several associations of victims of terrorism from Europe and beyond to conquer one of the Tour de France’s famous hill climbs. They unite to make their voices heard and to raise public awareness of the impact of terrorism on victims, whether direct or indirect, with the aim of raising funds. This year Survivors Against Terror’s Charlotte Dixon-Sutcliffe and her son Henry join the group tackling Grand Colombier, a vertical ascent of over a kilometer at an average gradient of 7.2%:

I somehow managed to accidentally sign me and Henry up to climb a mountain on a bike, just like the incredible people in the video [below], though I expect our effort will involve a lot more whining, whingeing and probably crying… and maybe an occasional abandonment of the bikes. We would appreciate your thoughts and prayers!

You can read about the event and support Charlotte and the team here on the Together Stronger website.

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