Research summary: A Survivors' Charter

Survivors Against Terror have conducted research into the rights, guarantees and support available to survivors of terrorism across the world with the aim of comparing and contrasting different countries and different systems. The research was supported by the public through a crowdfunding drive, without which the report wouldn’t have been possible.

The report compiles the research we have conducted in a condensed format, exploring the support provided to survivors by state authorities in eight different countries. We spoke to and consulted local experts and survivors in each respective country, and were assisted by international experts in the field from across the globe.

For ease of reviewing, support in each country is broadly categorised into four sections:
1. Assistance and Support
2. Recognition and Remembrance
3. Financial Compensation
4. Access to Justice

Based on this analysis we have incorporated the best practices from each example in order to propose a new standard for supporting those affected by terrorism, forming the “Survivors’ Charter”.

The charter is composed of eight key guarantees:

  1. Guaranteed proactive personal support
  2. Guaranteed access to rapid psychological triage and services
  3. Guaranteed immediate financial assistance
  4. Guaranteed State Compensation Fund
  5. Guaranteed legal support
  6. Guaranteed Recognition
  7. Guaranteed Memorialisation
  8. Guaranteed comprehensive long-term support